Beginner’s League Test

We’re all about having a good time at Las Vegas Curling. Our leagues, although dosed with a little competition, are for getting out and exercising, meeting new people, and spending an enjoyable evening curling. And, we want to make sure our newest members, even those just off their Learn to Curl sessions, are having fun too – so we are considering implementing a beginner’s league.

This league will operate a little differently from the regular league:

  • each team, if they want, will have an experienced curling instructor assigned as their skip
  • additional instruction will be provided, as play dictates, so that you can continue to work on your curling prowess
  • you’ll be free to ask, at any time, any questions of the more experienced curling players regarding the game, rules, procedures, techniques, etc. If appropriate, we may even stop game play for a few minutes to coach a little.
  • because of the above, the pace of the games will probably be slower. There will be more time to discuss what’s going on and why


If the above appeals to you and you are interested in playing in the Beginner’s League, please email us at If you have friends you want to play with, just let us know (and have them email us also.) We’ll form teams and have a good time furthering your curling experience!

Note: any one that wants a slower pace and add
itional instruction is welcome in the Beginner’s League – even if you’ve been curling a while feel free to join us. Email us at