Covid-19 Return to Curling

Return to Curling

Curling is played on a sheet of ice of about 145 feet long and approximately 14 feet wide (2,000+sq ft of ice) with eight people participating (250+ sq ft/of ice per person). There is ample space to curl while maintaining a typically recommended, socially-distant six feet of space. Curling is also non-contact and participants oftentimes have their bodies fully covered with  clothing.

Arrive Prepared to Curl: Dressed, stretched and bring minimal items with you.

The recommendations of the CDC, USA Curling recommends that the wearing of a mask should be required when curling. COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets, thus making it imperative to minimize the transmission of these droplets to fellow curlers by wearing a cloth face covering, especially when competing.

Handshakes:Forego the traditional pre and post-game handshakes, as well as the popular alternative of elbow taps and broom taps. Opponents and teammates should be wished a good game or “Good Curling”from a safe social distance that does not involve any contact.

Sweepers: Teams should only utilize one sweeper at a time. The other sweeper can be stationed at a location that will allow them to time the ice and be an active participant in the shot, just in a different way. To eliminate any gray area regarding social distancing precautions that might arise as a shot enters the house, eliminate any sweeping behind the tee line. To reduce congestion, the throwing team will be the only team sweeping during their throw. Impacted stones can be swept by the throwing team if it is their stone that is impacted and is above the tee.

Score Marking: Have only one score marker per game.