Classic League Schedule and Results

There will be two leagues starting up this 2019 season with a total of 16plus teams. The Regular 2019 Spring League consists of 12 teams in two divisions – Cher and Dion.  There will be a five game round robin played every other week over a ten week period in each division.  Each group will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medals.
The Elvis League is tailored towards our newer members that will need a bit assistance to get in to the rhythm of the game. We will start off with some practice and instructions and go in to a 5 week league with 5 teams. Please see the Elvis schedule at the bottom of this page.
We will give priority to subs that are not part of the league for the fee of $20/$25(member/non-member) and thereafter let paid league players fill in for free.

How to read the Schedule:

Each team has a number from 1 to 6, in either BLACK or RED.
Allocate your team name or your name and find your NUMBER listed to the left of your team name.

Mickey Johnsson
Niklas Edin

Once you know your team number and either Black or RED, go to schedule and see what date and sheet you are playing on. If you can’t figure it out,  email us,