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        FALL LEAGUE 2020          
DATE ICE 2   ICE 3   ICE 4
10/17/20 Team of Many vs Rock On Rock the House vs Sweep the Leg Cobras vs Victory Royale
Score 4   8 9   5 5   8
10/24/20 Cobras vs Team of Many Sweep the Leg vs Rock On Victory Royale vs Rock the House
Score W   L 9   7 6   9
11/07/20 Rock On vs Rock the House Victory Royale vs Team of Many Cobras vs Sweep the Leg
Score 5   9 10   2 5   7
11/14/20 Sweep the Leg vs Victory Royale Rock On vs Cobras Rock the House vs Team of Many
Score 6   11 6   4 9   2
11/21/20 Rock the House vs Cobras Team of Many vs Sweep the Leg Rock On vs Victory Royale
1 Rock the House   12
2 Victory Royale   9
3 Rock On   6
4 Sweep the Leg   6
5 Cobras   3
6 Team of Many   0

Fall League starts October 17th, 2020, 7pm. North Rink

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Fall League 2020

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Rock the House
Sheet out of Luck

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