Curling Brooms

A question we’re often asked is “Should I buy a curling broom?”  To answer that, let’s consider what having your own broom might do for you.

Probably the most important aspect of having your own broom is how it may enhance your curling performance.  

Having your own broom allows you to become familiar with your specific broom’s sweeping ability and characteristics as you use it week after week.  You’ll become familiar with the effort and energy needed to do an effective sweep.

In addition, if you are inclined, you can buy an “upgraded” broom (that probably isn’t available from the standard brooms furnished by the club.)  This upgraded broom can be lighter (reducing wear and tear on you especially when you have multiple games in one day.)  The upgraded broom can also have different handle shapes as well as enhanced sweeping heads that are not available in standard club-furnished brooms.  One, or all, of these broom characteristics may affect your sweeping performance (in a positive way.)

Having your own broom for sweeping will likely feel more comfortable.   The more you use the same broom, the more you will become accustomed to the broom’s “touch and feel”.  Having that feel will make you a more effective sweeper.  Even among brooms that look similar, every broom has slightly different characteristics in terms of it’s handle shape and size, the balance of the broom head to the handle, and even the feel it has in your specific hands.  When you know what the broom will feel like each time you use it, you will probably have a higher comfort level when using the broom.

This comfort level goes beyond using the broom to sweep but also while using your broom for balance when throwing stones.

Of course, if you have your own broom, you’ll want to use it, so you’ll need to carry it to and from the arena.  Not a big deal, but most brooms are over 4 feet long.  If you ride a motorcycle, this could be a problem!   And, if you go to bonspiels that are not within driving distance, you’ll need to find a way to transport that broom so that it arrives safely.

Curling brooms can be purchased from various manufacturers and typically range in price from $50-$200 depending on level of performance.

Having your own broom is by no means a necessity.  You can certainly be a fine curler using brooms supplied by the club.  But if any of the above strikes you as important, check out further information on brooms and brushes at Kodiak Curling.

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