League Rules


  • Please arrive 30 minutes early and assist in the ice setup. Therefor allowing for the start your games on time. Make sure all members of your team checks in with the league representative.

  • Games are 2 hours in length, and 8 ends are to be played in that time. A new end cannot be started with less than 10 minutes of ice time still available.

  • Ties will stand as a complete game. Standings will be determined as followed. A win is equal to three points in the standing. A lose is equal to zero points in the standings. A tie is equal to one point in the standings. If both teams fail to have a legal roster a double forfeit will result in zero points for both teams. In a Championship game, a full extra end will be played. If there still is no winner a draw to the button will take place.

  • Teams are comprised of four players; however, a team can play with three players. A team must have at least 2 of their regular members present or their scheduled match will be deemed a default. Also a default will occur if any team cannot field a minimum requirement of 3 players by 10 minutes after the official start time.

  • A team of more than four players is allowed to have players sitting out each end, or having people on the team only throw one rock each.

  • The winner of a coin toss shall have the choice of last rock or handle color.

  • The rocks must completely cross the hog line to stay in play.

Standings Tie Breaker Rules

    • Head to Head.

    • In the case of a multi-way tie and Head to Head cannot resolve the tie, after the last game of the season each team will make a draw to the button on any sheet of their choosing.