Classic League Standings (Final)







Love Me Tender Division

First Place – Rock The House







Second Place – Sheet Stains







Third Place – Eat/Sweep/Win







Runner Up – Team Whetstone







Heartbreak Hotel Division

First Place – Team Martinelli







Second Place – The A’s Have It







Third Place – DOMO







Runner Up – Team Atsuko


















Team Name
Team Whetstone Kassidy Whetstone/Bret Arnett
Team Whetstone Shawn Larson
Team Whetstone Reid Bracken
Team Whetstone Jane James
The A’s Have It Ariana Dane
The A’s Have It Josh Cooper
The A’s Have It Ralph Villanueva
The A’s Have It David Kitchen
Rock the House Ryan Click
Rock the House Brian Okiec
Rock the House Mike Szcepanik
Rock the House Logan Patterson
DOMO Luann Wilson
DOMO Dan Burkhead
DOMO Flora Fulgham
DOMO Corey Burkhead
Team Martinelli Brian Martinelli
Team Martinelli Mike Tulloch
Team Martinelli Jason Peck
Team Martinelli Emily Martinelli
Eat/Sweep/Win John Baker
Eat/Sweep/Win Justine Baker
Eat/Sweep/Win Brad Whitlock
Eat/Sweep/Win Brooke Cornell
Team Atsuko Atsuko Reyes
Team Atsuko Arnie Reyes
Team Atsuko Alain Rochefort
Team Atsuko Yuki Rochefort
Sheet Stains Frank Endellicate
Sheet Stains Steve Byers
Sheet Stains Niki Quiles/Shaun Ballew
Sheet Stains Jeff Schonzeit