Ice Prep Duties – BREAKDOWN


  • Pickup sliders and stabilizers at each sheet, put in blue box, move to storage
  • Pick up and neatly store scoreboards and stands when finished. Stands and scoreboards should lay on top of rock carts (after they have been moved back in) so they don’t get crushed
  • Move broom bucket back to storage
  • Once all equipment has been placed in storage area, place the blue tarp neatly to cover all equipment


  • After play, remove all hacks with the hack remover only. Do not use stones or otherwise dislodge hacks – they’ll bend and break!
  • Return hacks to boxes.
  • Return hack remover to holder


  • Make sure mop is stored, fabric side up (so it can dry out) against the wall where the stones are kept.
  • Empty the pebblers, secure the heads to the pebble cans, store safely on top of the rocks


  • After play, move the stones back on to the carts. Keep the sets together (by number and color.)
  • Place carts neatly aligned in the storage area.