Ice Prep SETUP

Ice Prep Duties – SETUP


  • Put out scoreboards (with stands) for all five sheets prior to start
  • Reset numbers. Make sure all numbers are available for each scoreboard
  • Move the broom bucket out by the entrance door.
  • Place sliders and stabilizers at each sheet


  • Move two boxes of hacks to the zamboni storage area.
  • Empty hacks from both boxes
  • Fill each box with two inches of hot water
  • Let each hack soak for 30 seconds in the hot water (rubber side up)
  • Place hacks for 5 sheets / stand on them to “melt In” for 3 minutes each
  • Empty boxes to drain water prior to play and return to equipment storage area and turn upside down


  • This is the most time intensive job. Do everything you can, as a team, to keep things moving!
  • One person use the mop to mop down all five sheets IMMEDIATELY after the Zamboni finishes
  • Designated pebblers apply pebble to five sheets (in two passes).  Use warm water.  Use 40 seconds as the target time.
  • First pebbler applies a layer of pebble to the first sheet, then immediately moves to second sheet and so on. Second pebbler follows immediately behind on the first sheet applying second layer of pebble, then follows immediately behind on second sheet, etc.
  • While first sheet is being pebbled, two people move the rock box out to sheet 1 and load with rocks
  • As soon as sheet 1 pebbling is finished, start the Rock Box on sheet 1. Do not let the Rock Box “sit” on the ice inside the playing areas– keep it moving to avoid forming donuts.
  • Move players that are waiting away from the hack areas so the pebbler can come through and pebble behind the hack


  • As soon as the Zamboni has made a pass by the back wall, start moving stones off the carts and on to the ice and place them at the back wall. The sooner the better – this allows them to cool.
  • Once pebbling and rock box is finished on each sheet, move the stone sets to each sheet to be ready for play. The stone set numbers should correspond to the sheet on which they are being used (i.e., set # 1 should be used on Sheet 1, etc.)