Summer League

Welcome to Summer League.
The league will feature 8 teams in two Divisions, A and B.
Each Division will start off with a cross play between the two in a random draw. This game will count in the Division score for placement for the week 5 Placement.
Week two-four will be Division Round Robin play.
Week 5 will be placement games, Team 1 vs 4 and Team 2 vs 3.
Week 6 is Medal games, the winners from Week 5 will play for Gold and Silver, Losers play for Bronze.
Good Luck everyone!

Tie Breaker
Draw to the button results:

PIC 3′.3″
Rock the House 4′.8″
JAD 12′
Sheet Staines 12′

Slidin’ In 12′
Robinson 12′
Missfits 12′
Victory Royale 12′