League Standings

Scores A – Division
(A8) House Hunters 4 – 6 New Kids on the Rock (A4)
(A7) Rock the House  9 – 6 Frozen Asset (A3)
(A1) Great White North 2 –10 Zamboni Tracks (A5)
(A2) Legion of Brooms 7 – 5  Rub it, Tug it, Shove it (A6)
Team NameA-DivisionWin(3p)Loss(0p)Tie(1p)Points(Total)
Legion of BroomsA21003
Rock the HouseA71003
Rocked and LoadedA41003
Zamboni TracksA51003
Frozen AssetA30100
Great White NorthA1 0100
House HuntersA80100
Rub it, Tug it, Shove itA60100
Scores B – Division
(B8) The A’s Have It! 6 – 5 Curl for Girls (B4)
(B7) Plan b7 7 – 2  Lymphanptors (B3)
(B1) DOMO 0 – 7 Bulls Hitters (B5)
(B2) Eat, Sweep, Win 8 – 2 Sheet Stains (B6)
Team NameB-DivisionWin(3p)Loss(0p)Tie(1p)Total Points
Bulls HittersB51003
Eat, Sweep, WinB21003
Plan b7B71003
The A's Have It!B81003
Curl for GirlsB40100
Sheet StainsB6 0100

2017 Fall League Champs
Bulls Hitters

IMG_74012nd Place
Team Burk

IMG_74033rd Place
Zamboni Tracks


Atomic Rocks

IMG_7429Hammer Hogs

IMG_7412Rock Roaches